Inserting Aft Extension into X Junction moves the 22" Ext. inward along with the muffler.
X-Pipe Kits

Our complete kits gives you everything from the end of long-tube headers to the mufflers including mounting Collector Flanges and Gaskets.  The X-Junction itself is designed for maximum flow and rigid strength.  Many manufacturers take two 90 degree elbows and weld together.  We actually have flow exit at a different angle than entering.  With Strengthening Braces welded on both top and bottom for long term rigidity, we have an X that will not crack or break overtime.  This is added value.  The overall design gives flexibility in dealing with possible header alignment problems, etc.

We do not utilize collector reducers as that somewhat defeats the main purpose of an X; that being flow and horsepower.  (See bottom photo to the right.)  By coming off the header at the same size all the way to the X-Junction, the system is able to scavenge off the header, giving you the maximum possible gain from your setup.  Using a Coll. Reducer only restricts flow at that point and minimizes potential gains.

Overall length is 65" which is plenty for long-tube headers.  Most shorty headers will need an extension to reach further forward.  If you have Block Hugger type headers which exit more in the position like manifolds, then you will need what we call a Make-a-DownPipe Kit to come down off those headers and back to meet the X Kit.

Our X-Kits will fit most all applications.  It's a very flexible design and works with most all typical GM, Ford and Mopar.  (Note:  Most Mopar headers come back at an angle, so depending on how much distance you have from the end of the header to the crossmember, you might be okay or not. To correct for that angle many have found a 10 deg bend will do the trick (ADP25013 for 2.5" and ADP30013 for 3")  Click Here for Adapters.   Give us a call, we can help you determine this)

X-Pipe Kits & Junctions
Mount Flange to header, insert Forward Ext, tack weld, take off vehicle, weld up.  This allows dealing with a header that is not straight; left-right or up-down.  This is one of the keys to max ground clearance.  Having a Coll. Reducer here, takes that away from you plus reduces flow.
Here you will notice the customer's headers were unusually closer inward.  Notice the angle of the Forward Extensions, as they go forward they are angling inward to meet the headers.  The flexibility of our design enabled him to work around a problem he would have had even with a more traditional non-X system.  Another reason we are the leader in System Design.
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