Balance Tube Kits or H-Pipe Kits

The traditional H-Pipe/Balance Tube serves to balance the pressure and flow from one side of the exhaust to the other.  One might think of it as a 'pressure relief valve'.  Usually this helps with performance and many times with sound control. 

Keeping in mind that your engine is basically an air pump; the more compression it has, the more air it is trying to pump out through your exhaust.  Higher Compression Engines usually will benefit more from a Balance tube with a 2.5" System.  With 3", the difference isn't as noticeable perhaps mainly because you have bigger tubes which allow for more efficient travel of the exhaust.  Generally the size of the Balance Tube is not important, so we furnish 2.5" with both 2.5" & 3" Systems.

We have the traditional Balance tube (which we call Kit A) which simply is a piece of tubing welded between the two headpipes.  This is shown in the first photo to the right.

Then we also have what we call Kit B which is also welded in; but is setup so it can be slipped apart which may help with tranny removal.  Kit B is pictured to the right.  Each kit includes 2 pieces of tubing & a SS Band Clamp to hold and seal.

Kit A Comes Standard with non-XPipe Systems

Kit B - as an upgrade into any kit having Kit A

         2.5"   Kit B  BALG25BK ---------------- $ 18 Upgrade
                  Kit B  BALG25BK ---------------  $ 31 Purchased Separately
                       *2.5" is usually used with 2.5" & 3" Headpipes

          3"     Kit B  BALG30BK ---------------  $ 18 Upgrade
                  Kit B  BALG30BK ---------------  $ 33 Purchased Separately
                       * 3" is usually used with 3.5" Headpipes.
Balance Tube / H-Pipe Kits
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All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made

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