Walker Ultra Flow Race Magum - Straight Thru Performance with 'Controlled Sound'.
Walker Super Turbo - Hard to beat for performance with a quieter tone than Flowmaster.  Flows just as well. 
Cut-Out View of Ultra Flow Race Magnum - Now we can see why it's not loud even though we have 'straight thru' flow and performance.

*If you have a Walker Muffler in mind not listed above, either email or call with the part # for a quote.
Muffler Offset Adapters - used when muffler has an outlet position different than needed to align with the tailpipe.     Click Here
Offset Adapter used with PowerStick Muffler
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Contact Info:

Phone: (229) 242-0691

Office Hours:
      Monday - Friday
        9 am to 5 pm
             Eastern Time

All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made materials


Available in 2.5", 3" or 3.5" and Mandrel Bent.

2.5"   MFTD25 .............  $22 ea
3"      MFTD30 .............  $22 ea
3.5"   MFTD35 .............  $22 ea

Torque Tech Muffler -- Or Muffler Substitute
Available in 3" only and Mandrel Bent.  (Please note, this is not really a muffler, but a Muffler Substitute to be used in the place of an offset in / offset out muffler.)

MFTT3019 ............ $20 ea

MagnaFlow Cut-a-Way view.  Polished Stainless case.
Some like it Loud and some Not so Loud.  So, we have both to select from!

Generally the Flowmasters will be Louder than the Walker Super Turbo / Ultra Flow Race Magnum's or Magnaflows.  All 3 are Performance Mufflers and will give the needed performance at the track and on the street. 

Sounds you might like:
  • Flowmaster - Louder, Aggressive Sound
  • MagnaFlow - Somewhat Quieter, More Controlled, Muscle Car Sound
  • Walker Super Turbo - Quieter, More Controlled, Muscle Car Sound.
  • PowerStick - Much like the Flowmaster, maybe a little louder.

The PowerSticks by Classic Chambered Exhaust are a unique muffler similar to the old chambered mufflers from the past; EXCEPT, these really flow and perform.  They will be a little louder than the 40 Series (2-Chamber) Flowmaster.  They are Straight Thru and will not fit directly into our Systems, although the 2.5" units with our Muffler Offset Adapters (MFOA25) will work nicely.  They are popular on many vehicles and trucks.

4 Choices
  • Flowmaster
  • Walker           Click here.
  • MagnaFlow     Click here.
  • PowerStick    Click here.

Muffler Offset Adapter -- 
Available in both 2.5" only and Mandrel Bent.  The intended purpose of this piece to allow the use of an inline straight through muffler such as a PowerStick or Bullet to be used with our systems which otherwise require the use of an offset in/offset out muffler.  There are other uses too.
MFOA 25  ............ $29 ea    NOW ---- $19 ea

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Sound Clip of 3" Ultra Flow Race Magnum's on Chevelle --  Click Here
Click Here for Flowmaster Super 44 sound on '67 GS 400

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