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Why is this so important to us?

Well to begin with we feel it is important to support our industry and manufacturing which means jobs.  We are not particularly anti any country, but anti poor manufacturing processes which usually yield poor and inferior products.  Granted some of those products are not intended to be long term investments on the part of the consumer, however we feel anything one might want for one's "pride and joy" muslcecar would qualify as a long-term purchase.

When manufacturing and materials are produced according to whatare called ISO Standards, then we are assured of both quality of material and manufacturing process.  This guarantees both you the consumer and us as the Manufacturer and Seller a KNOWN Quality Product that we can count on as being a long-term investment.

Torque Tech guarantees that our Product is "Made In America" except for a few of the hardware pieces.  These are made in Canada and as we understand it, the manufacturing of those pieces are being moved to the US with time.  You can be rest-assured we will continue to adhere to this policy and belief system.

Product Quality, Fit and Performance is our Reputation!

We use only 16 guage Aluminized Tubing.  This tubing is "aluminized" throughout, not being just a surface coating.  It will eventually rust, but then so will the so called stainless tubing being sold for less that is made in countries such as China. 

By the way, there are many different grades of Stainless.  You have heard that stainless tubing is not magnetic; this is not true unless it is hi-grade, which is cost prohibitive for most of us with exhaut systems.  The degree of magnitism is dependent on the amount of iron (Magnitizable - new word? - material).  This "magnitizable" material is what will rust of course.

Made In America
Below you see two fully automatic CNC machines which are required to bend large diameter tubing.