Responses from way back in 1998

Response Number 4
Name: Sean
Date: March 06, 1998 at 08:00:58
Subject: bigger exhaust
I purchased the exhaust system from torque tech in a 3" diameter. I also purchased the flowmaster "top ten shootout" style mufflers from them at a significantly reduced price (must be purchased at the same time as the pipes).
This system is aluminized 3" pipe with close to perfect bends (mandrel bent). This system fits extremely well and sounds OUTSTANDING. The
system goes over the rear and out the back in your choice of angled or straight exit. The system comes with clamps and hangers (unless you
choose to weld it as I did). The collectors reduce from 3 1/2 to 3" in a smooth nonrestricting reduction. A crossover pipe is also available and recommended. If you're looking for 3" all the way out the back, I can't say enough about this product.

Response Number 5
Name: John Tonkinson
Date: March 07, 1998 at 08:01:22
Subject: bigger exhaust
Call the folks at Torque Tech and follow their advice.
I have a 502 crate motor (stock at 440hp/512 ft lbs) in my 1970 Chevelle. I wanted it to breathe properly but also to be fairly quiet. Behind my Hooker Comp headers are Torque Tech 3 in. pipes into large Hemi style Dyna Max mufflers, a cross over pipe, and 2.5 in. pipes from the mufflers to the chrome exhaust tips. It all tucks up nicely under the car with no rattles. These people make a really nice product.
If you ask Torque Tech for their catalog you can see pictures of the exhaust systems installed in other cars.
John Tonkinson

Response Number 6
Name: Scooter
Date: March 07, 1998 at 09:29:03
Subject: bigger exhaust
The latest issue of SUPER CHEVY did an article on the Torque Tech exhaust. It was very informative. It also appeared to fit very well. I also saw the one in HOT ROD that Bob mentioned. Pick up both these issues and read them, it will help in your case.

Response Number 7
Name: Noneck
Date: March 07, 1998 at 09:50:34
Subject: bigger exhaust
Where can I get in touch w/Torque Tech or get a catalog? I need a 2 1/2" ex. w/crossover from the stock manifolds,back for my 69 they make this for a car w/stock manifolds?Thanks.

Response Number 8
Name: Scooter
Date: March 07, 1998 at 20:13:35
Subject: bigger exhaust
Directly from Super Chevy:
Torque Tech, Inc.
2301 Madison Hwy, Dept. SC
1826 Woodland Drive Dept. SC
Valdosta GA 31601
(800) 408-0016

Hi. I ordered tailpipes a couple days ago. I wanted to say the lady I ordered from was very nice. It is refreshing to deal with someone that takes their time with you and doesn't treat you like just another number.  I will recommend your company anytime. Thanks. God Bless. Dave

Dave Holt, Beechwood, NJ
Torque Tech.
                I wish to thank you for all the help when ordering the exhaust I purchased and even when i messed up and had to reorder the correct size. Anyway,, the exhaust has been installed, not only does it sound fantastic, but the performance has also picked way up. Now this El Camino can breathe.

I bought my 1984 Chevy El Camino in the fall of 1983 at my local GM dealer. Then the car made my heart flutter and now... The flutter is back.  The car acks like it has gutts again.  I am off to work on my next project, a 1971 Old 442.  Could u possibly send me an updated catalog, I know I will be needing your help again in the future and all the friends I have talked to about your products will be calling.
                                             Thank You so very much, God Bless,
                                                Rick Moore, upstate New York

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And, here is another one from the Team Chevelle Forum.  This is great advertising for us, right?
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Date:  Fri,  15 Jun 2001   00:38:48 EDT

Subject:  Re:  [ml]  X-Pipe and reducers

TO:  <>
2 words,  TORQUE TECH

I am running a Torque Tech true dual 2.5 inch exhaust with an H pipe and no mufflers or cats (I'm 17 and a moron) and I'm sure the performance would be the same with both of those, but it is a great system, easy to install, tech support is great, and the price is pretty good.  Plus they are mandrel bent and come in two different styles, Grand National style and Monte Carlo SS style. I picked the SS style after much debate, but only because I decided I would miss the big pipes out back too much.  But in my opinion Torque Tech is the only way to go.

P.S. This is the same exhaust system that was present behind my 383 when I apparently hit 178 miles an hour according to the fellows here on the list. I know at least that I hit 160, because that's what I pegged my speedo at. No BS,  (once again 17 and a moron), but the exhaust worked great through it all, and you should have ..... 

                                                                      B B  on the Monte Carlo Mailing List

Sent:  March 29, 2001

Subject:  Satisfied Customer

I would just like to say that you are all the best parts people I have ever done business with.  Throughout building my car, a 1966 Pontiac LeMans, I have had my share of problems getting the right parts and getting them on time.  First of all, your delivery was super quick.  When I ordered, I was told that it would take a week and it showed up 3 days later!!!  Not to mention, it was an excellent product.  I was very impressed, too by your staff.  I would have to say that they were the most polite people I have ever spoken to on the phone.  Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Tim W
Installed: 2/13/98

Installed by: Todd Mckechnie

Application: 1979 TA w/ Hooker Super Competition Headers & 3" Walker Race Magnums

Parts: 3.0" tail pipe kit

Price: $220.00

When it came time to upgrade the exhaust system on the TA, I spoke with Tom Hand and read their articles on exhaust system modifications. I spoke with Tom to some extent to what he and his father Jim encountered during their testing. Than to make things better Dave Kawallek sent me a video that Tom shot of his exhaust. Couldn't have been better since he had the same style car I did. To make things even better Tom was able to point me in the right direction to get my setup.

Torque Tech takes great pride in their work. I received my pipes quickly and in excellent shape. I hand fitted all the pipes out before I even laid them under the car. All I can say is that the money spent was well worth it. The only modification required in my application was to bend the drivers side hanger up to let the tail pipe drop down away from the bumper. Besides that the pipes fit perfect and required no modifications what so ever.

The pipes are so well engineered that I was going to do the whole exhaust system myself in the driveway. But I wanted a more professional look, so I took it up t o a local shop and paid $75 to use the hoist and borrow a spare set of hands to put it together. The whole job took about 2 hours.

When installing exhaust, it is a common misconception that you start at the front and work towards the rear of the car. You should do the opposite. I took this tip from Tom Hand. Boy am I glad I did. With a custom muffler shop setup, I guess it wouldn't matter as much. But with custom pre-bent pipes you have to start at the back. This way you can adjust the pipes in-between and mufflers and the headers or manifolds. You set your tail pipes where they fit best and than build the system around that. With pipes 3" in size you have to make sure that your tail pipes fit around your tire and wheel combination. When installing the tail pipes you should have both tires and wheels available that you use on the street and strip. I drove my car up to the shop with open headers and slicks. We than setup the rear of the exhaust. My slicks being 29.5-9 are a lot taller than my street tires. Which are 275-60s. After all is said and done. The slicks being so tall still rub a little on the top end, when they grow in diameter. Not very much, but yes they do rub still. So it is very important to check and recheck all dimensions . My helper at the muffler shop got a little tired of rechecking things. But it is your money so build it the way you want. Make sure all dimensions are correct and tack weld the system in place. Recheck everything and than go ahead and weld it all shut. I used the Walker 360 seal clamps. The muffler man said they aren't very good. I used them anyway and they leaked like crazy. I would not recommend them. So I would just say to weld it all together, no headaches in the future with leaks or rusty clamps breaking.

Careful attention to detail and some pride in your work, and you can have an exhaust system that will make as much power as an open exhaust system. But yet have the quiet sound of a muffled car. You won' t attract much attention on the street, until you open the loud pedal. People at the track wont pay much attention to you until you start clicking off Et's faster than their open header racecar. All this equates to less time wrenching and more time racing.

With quality tail pipes such as these, I must commend the people and engineers at Torque Technologies Inc. , great job.

If you have any questions for Todd, he can be reached at

This is not on file for your inspection, but nevertheless is a true story: 

We had sold a 3" system to someone with a GM F-Body vehicle (1st Generation I believe).  Anyway after much discussion and question asking to determine what was happening (this is an individual who listens with his mouth, so it was very difficult getting any kind of answers from him, much less getting him to listen to the question).  Once we determined that one of his headers (Pass. Side) was angled inward causing his headpipe to angle under the driveshaft, then the task became to get him to understand the situation and that this is a problem with his header alignment.  The fact that his other header was correct and the discussion in the catalog along with the discussion in the instructions meant nothing to him.  His attitude was that we should "know" that his passenger side header was going to be as it was and that we should provide him with a correctly bent headpipe.  He was also upset because he had pulled, pried and tugged on that headpipe trying to pull it over and had cracked his header.  This was, of course, was our fault!  After many calls, he decided he wanted to return the system even though he had shortened the headpipes and trimmed off an inch off the front of each tailpipe for some reason.  In the interest of trying to at least satisfy him "some" we agreed to take the system back.  This made him happy, BUT he was then unhappy because we would not pay the return.  He also wanted us to ship him another box to use.  Our efforts to work with him and try to explain how easy it would be to use one "No-Weld" Reducer on that side was to no avail.  He had one thing on his mind and the fact that he was a poor listener, made for a very difficult situation.  It was a "no-win" for everyone.

After thinking back on this situation, it was both kind of funny and sad, because this individual then went to his local muffler shop and settled for something far less than he would have had IF he had just listened a little.  It was also sad because we had an "unsatisfied" customer and we failed.

We usually have 1 to 2 customers like this a year and I guess its to be expected.  In discussing this with other business owners, they are amazed that we only have a few a year.  I think the secret is the effort we go to "educate" our potential customers about our product so they can make a good decision.  Overall, we feel we have a lot of really great customers.  Many call back with some really bad situations and because their attitude is open, we are able to help them determine the problem and possible solutions.  Of course, one option is always that they can return the product for a full refund.  Some opt for this option because they just don't have the tools and/or ability to make any modifications.
The following are unsolicited from our customers and are maintained on file for inspection.  Yes, we have to admit, we do occasionally receive an unfavorable response.  We're human, but we don't use that as an excuse, but as an opportunity to reflect and evaluate what we are doing. 

As muscle car enthusiasts ourselves, we want to provide a "jam-up" product along with prompt, polite service and great tech support to back up our products.
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