We manufacture and sell 2.5", 3" and some 3.5" Mandrel Bent Performance Exhaust Systems.  By Mandrel Bent, we mean the bends have no kinks or restrictions whatsoever.  This gives maximum flow. 

We do not do any installations, special profiles or "one of" manufacturing. 

Our basic philosophy is to provide a Quality product, manufactured here in the States of American Made material. 

There are systems on the market which are priced less, but they inevitably will be made in China and be of a lesser grade of material and quality.  Here in the States, there exists what are called ISO Standards which guarantee both us and you that the material, the process of manufacturing, etc. all meet certain standards and specifications.  These ISO Standards do not exist in foreign countries.  This is why they can manufacture for less -- lesser quality and cheap labor! 

We refuse to go that route!  This way you get a better product and we sell a product we can "stand beside." 

WE Flat-Out Guarantee our systems to FIT!  If you have any problem, we encourage you to call before cutting and we'll help you determine what is happening and if necessary, get a correct piece to you. 
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This is the underside of a Camaro with 3" Tailpipes.
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