'70 GS Wheel Center Caps       ---------- Sold

'70 GS Wheel Center Caps
       Fits 2 1/8" Center  Non-Locking Style -----   BCenterCaps  -- $22.95 ea          Click Here

Mike Garrison's '70 Stg 1
                 with Torque Tech 3.5" Tailpipes

Gary Paine's '69 Stage 2
1  Chrome Plating is not Show Quality.
2  Ceramic outside with Thermal Barrier inside.

Collectors will have standard 3.5" 3-Bolt Flange.
   (Flange Point will be mounted down but can be mounted up if the group
   perfers.  There is concern there will be interference with the tranny
   crossmember especially if the engine has been moved back somewhat for
   better weight distribution.  This will have to be decided collectively before
   manufacturing begins as all units will have to be made the same.)
Cylinder Head Flange - 5/16" Thick
Primary Tubes - 1 7/8", thicker 16 ga.
Collector Reducers  (optional) - Come with gaskets, nuts, bolts, etc. 
                                                   Click Here to see.
    To do Collector Flanges with 4-Bolt Holes would be cost prohibative requiring
    new tooling costs, etc.

Call to place your order.  Ask for Ellen or Keith as they will know the details.  When there are 22 Confirmed Orders we will place the order with the manufacturer.  From then we should have them in approximately 12 weeks. 
       (Save $20 by paying the Deposit with a POSTAL MONEY ORDER only)
                   Make out to: Torque Tech 
                   Mail to:  Torque Tech / 1826 Woodland Dr / Valdosta, GA 31601
                      [We do not accept regular Money Orders or Bank Certified Checks]
Deposit will be charged at the time of our placing the order with the Manufacturer.  Not Refundable. Balance charged at time of shipping to you Plus Shipping.  We Must have at least 22 Confirmed orders to proceed.  We realize that reaching 22 might be difficult in this economy, so there might be some of you who may want to purchase several sets or more for future use or re-sale.  This would certainly help the cause.  At the margin we are making this offer, we just can't have sets sitting on the shelf long, that is why we will need 22 confirmed orders to begin.
Contact Info:

Phone: (229) 242-0691

Office Hours:
      Monday - Friday
        9 am to 5 pm
             Eastern Time

All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made

Going Fast is Our Business!
Going Fast is Our Business!
Going Fast is Our Business!
Going Fast is Our Business!
Going Fast is Our Business.
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Offer cancelled - - - - - unless someone wants to order 20 sets for investment.