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RamAir III Manifold Mounting Flanges - Reproduction

These will fit 2.5" tubing. 
             2.5"  2-Bolt       FLARA2        $ 25.00 ea      Now  $ 10.00 ea
             2.5"  3-Bolt       FLARA3        $ 25.00 ea      Now  $ 10.00 ea

Header Collector Flanges

Heavy Duty 3/8" thick.  Does not warp when welding.  Click Here to see why.

            2.5"    FLAC25  --------------  $ 4.50 ea
             3"      FLAC30  --------------  $ 8.00 ea
            3.5"    FLAC35  --------------  $10.00 ea   
         For Collector Gaskets, Click Here.

Formed Manifold Mounting Flanges

The same flanges used when mounting downpies to exhaust manifolds.  They are called "formed" flanges because the inside part "conforms" to the shape of the flared pipe that mounts to the manifold exit.  These are for 2.5" pipe with a 2.5" bolt pattern.  The bolt holes on the 3-Bolt flange are equidistant apart.

                  2.25" 2-Bolt Flange     FLA2252B ------------  $ 6.95 ea   Now $3.00
                  2.5"  2-Bolt Flange      FLAF2502B ----------- $ 6.95 ea   Now $3.00
                  2.5"  3-Bolt Flange      FLAF2503B ----------- $ 7.95 ea   Now $3.00

4-Bolt Catalytic Converter Flanges

These are being phased out.  Close out pricing -- your gain!  Regular $28 ea
Machined smooth, no gaskets needed.

2.5" Round Opening         FLA4B25 ---------------- $ 10.00 ea
4" x 3" Round Opening     FLA4B30 ----------------     gone
4" x 3" Oval Opening       FLA4B30A ---------------     gone
             * Bolt Distances:   2 11/16" center to center
                                        4 3/8" center to center

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3-Bolt Header Collector Flanges
RamAir Flanges for Pontiac RamAir III Manifolds.  These fit on 2.5" tubing.
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Formed Flanges - Available in both 2-Bolt and 3"Bolt patterns.
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All tubing is:
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  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made

Torque Tech Flange on left.  Notice how it covers the gasket completely whereas brand x on right leaves a lot of gasket uncovered and may or may not seal well.
Torque Tech Flange on right.  Big difference.  A thicker flange is less likely to warp during use and during welding to it.
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