Elbows, tubing elbows, ehaust elbows, exhaust extensions, tubing extension

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Elbows, tubing elbows, ehaust elbows, exhaust extensions, tubing extensions
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We really need everything to go, so we are pricing everything to that will hopefully happen.

We win by get'n it gone and you win with the great prices!
Turn Downs & Down Pipe

Manifold Hookups


Turbo V6 Downpipes

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2.5" Turn Downs   Many uses such as end of tailpipes, etc.  Aluminized, expanded so it will slip fit over 2.5" od tubing. 
# MFTD25id  only $10 ea.
3" Turn Downs   Many uses such as end of tailpipes, etc.  Aluminized. 
# MFTD3011  only $9 ea.
2.5" Manifold DownPipe. Approx. 17" long. Flared to fit most GM Manifolds.  Aluminized. 
# DP2502-17  only $20 ea.
Slight bend here.
2.5" Manifold Hookups 2 styles, Flat and Flared/Beleveled.  Match according to manifold exit type.  2.5" od tubing slip fits into back end of Hookup.  2 or 3-Bolt Flanges attached which fit most GM Big Blocks.     Call for info.  Aluminized.  Regular $22 ea
MH250011 3B  for 3-Bolt Flared only $10 ea
MH250013 3B  for 3-Bolt Flat Surface $10 ea
MH225011 3B  for 3-Bolt Flared - only $10 ea

3" Pipe Connectors   For use in connecting 3" tubing.  Each end of the connector is expanded to accept 3" od tubing. Aluminized. Reg. $18 ea
# PIPC30id  only $3 ea.
  PIPC30od  only $3 ea.
3" Tailpipe Extensions    Slip fits over end of 3" tubing.  Approximately 18" long. Aluminized. Reg. $29 ea
# EXT30218XL or EXT30218XR  only $9 ea.
Available without the end expanded
EXT30218L or
EXT30218R only  $7 ea
Left                          Right
Tailpipe Extensions

Catalytic Converter Flanges

Tailpipe Tips

Collector Reducers

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2.5" Dynomax Stainless Tips.  Approx. 14" long. Polished Stainless.  Dynomax logo is not stamped on these as it usually is.  Slip fits over 2.5" tubing.  Use 2.5" Stainless Band Clamps or weld.   Regularly  $65/pair
TTS25014 ----- $10/pair
2.5" Bands 3" Wide Bands  HDWSSB2501 -- only $4 ea    (1) 2.5" SS Band Left

Stainless and Chrome Tailpipe Tips
Chevelle, Olds Trumpets and Pontiac Splitters too!

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Buick Turbo V6 3" Downpipe
Fits stock Turbo V6 Turbo or modifed turbos with stock style exit.  Will attach to stock Cat. Converter.  If no Cat is being used, then a 3" Extension will be needed to reach to your system.
Available in 3" all the way or 3" down to the end and reduced to 2.5" for 2.5" Cats. (or you can cut the end off leaving a 3" end.)
3" All The Way   GMXTR3000K  Originally $175,  now  $50
3" to 2.5"        GMXTR3025K     Originally $175,  now  $30
Collector Reducers 
The Reducers above listed as "Someone elses" at a bargain.  3.5'x3"x5" long with gaskets.
# REDX35030  w/gasket --  only $3 ea
Torque Tech Performance Collector Reducers
3.5"x3"x 14" long     RED35030  includes gasket and nuts/bolts  only $15 ea   
3"x2.5"x14" long      RED30025  includes gasket and nut/sbolts  only $15 ea   
3.5"x2.5"x14" long   RED35025  includes gasket and nut/sbolts  only $15 ea   
3"x3"x14" long         RED30030  includes gasket and nut/sbolts  only $15 ea   

Torque Tech Reducers                  --- but short

These are just like our 3.5"x2.5" reducers except they are 6" long.  They were made short by mistake.  They have the same taper as our regular units.  Our loss is your gain!  Comes with Gasket
#RED35025S  only $4 ea
Flex Tube - Stainless.
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