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Elbows, tubing elbows, ehaust elbows, exhaust extensions, tubing extensions
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We really need everything to go, so we are pricing everything to that will hopefully happen.

We win by get'n it gone and you win with the great prices!
Misc. Flowmasters
(The following are various Flowmasters we have collected over the years. 
Most are like new - some still in original boxes, some not - and any that may have blemishes, etc., those are noted. Some are simply mufflers that were misboxed when Flowmaster shipped to us.)

Super 40  Dual 2.5" inlet & outlet
Flow #9525454                  1 left
Our Part # MFF25-100     Only $30
Summit -  $108.05
Flowmaster # 430502  Single 3" inlet, Dual 2.5" outlet          1 left
Our Part # MFF30-101     Only $30
Summit -Flow 9430502    $110.21
Special Pricing
     on the following:

2.5" Super 44   
  14" Case, Offset/Offset
  Flow # 942548  Reg $90 ea
  Our # MFF25S44  Now $40 ea <----------
  Summit:  $97.26 ea

3" Race 60
   Flow # 430639  3"
Flowmaster Race 60 
9.75"x4"x19" Long
        Reg $145
Our Part # MFF30R60   
  1 Left     only $20

3.5" Race 60 Offset/Offset
        Same Side
3.5" Flowmaster Delta Force 60 Series  Race Muffler -- Flow # 435649
4" thick x 9.75 wide, 19" case length,
23" overall           Reg $145   
Our # MFF35R603  Now only $40 ea

2.5" Delta 40 Offset/Center -
   Flow # 942541  
   Summit $97.26  Our Reg $88,
       Our Part # MFF25D403 now $50 ea

3" Race 60 Offset/Offset
          Same Side
Flow # 430649    1 Left
Our # MFF30R603   Only  $20 ea 

2.5" Ultra Flo Stainless (Straight Thru)  Only 2 pr
Walker # 17551 & 17550  If memory serves me right, these were intended for a Mustang.  Brackets and inlet tubing can be cut off and mufflers used however needed.  (We will cut those off if you like).  Tips are in good condition.  Never used.  Tips could be cut off too and you'd have 2 basic mufflers for only $25 ea.
Our Part # MFW25-17551  Only $50/pair
We have several pair of 2.5" Dynomax Ultra Flo Stainless (Straight Thru) Mufflers which came out of a System Kit that we use to sell.  They have been sitting around a long time just collecting dirt, etc.  They have a protective covering that is attached and has stuck to the surface.  This will need to be scrubbed off somehow.  Frankly, this is why they have sat around.  We just never gfot around to trying to get that stuff off.  There isn't any rust, they just look bad from the dirt and covering.  We can cut off the brackets.  They can be yours!    Our Part # MFW15-17272  for only $30/pair.
We have 1 only  Walker Ultra Flo/20" case  Stainless, Straight Thru.  Has a split in the inlet which can be welded closed.  Walker # 17288  Regular $175   Our # MFWUF25020x -- only $40
Walker 17792  3" Super Turbo/16" case.  Has many dark pits from just setting up unboxed for many years.  Muffler has never been used.  Pits do not appear (are not)  to be rust.  Would be excellent if intending to "coat" the muffler before using.  A great buy anyway @ $15 
Regular $100  Our # MFW30016x   only $15
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Walker Dynomax 

MagnaFlow  (another page)

PowerSticks (another page)
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