Elbows, tubing elbows, ehaust elbows, exhaust extensions, tubing extension
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We really need everything to go, so we are pricing everything to that will hopefully happen.

We win by get'n it gone and you win with the great prices!
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All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made

Going Fast is Our Business.
Elbows, tubing elbows, ehaust elbows, exhaust extensions, tubing extensions
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NO Available Complete Systems

Tailpipe Kits:   All Gone

Headpipe Kits:  All Gone

X-Pipe Kits
           All other X-Pipe Kits are Gone!
    3" x 2.5"  (from muffler forward to headers; clamps, hangers,
                          gaskets and nuts/bolts -- 3" from header to X-Junction
                          and 2.5 out back of Junction to Mufflers)
             GMXX30025c  (with Clamps & No Hangers)   ------------- $225.00
                           Originally $335
Upgrade on clamps, see here

Stainless & Zinc Clamps
    (Reduced a bunch - we need to move 'em -  Your gain!)
     Stainless Band Clamps  (we have both the Wide 'uns and Narrow Torca style -- also some
                                                   Narrower Band clamps too.)

             Wide SS Clamps       (normally used on front of mufflers; however, they can be used
                                                    anywhere their is a joint.  Holds pipes together and seals at the
                                                    same time without crimping the tubing.)
                  2.5" --------------- Sold Out    
                  3"    --------------- Sold Out
                  3.5" --------------- HDWSSB3501  was $11.95      now $4.00 ea

             Narrow Torca SS Clamps   (normally used on rear of mufflers with our kits as they
                                                                 work well with the hangers.  However, they can be used as regular
                                                                 clamps anywhere on the system)
                  2.5" --------------- HDWSST25    was $10.95      now $5.00 ea   Sold Out
                  3"    --------------- HDWSST30    was  $10.95     now $5.00 ea
                  3.5" --------------- HDWSST35    was $11.95      now $5.00 ea

             Narrower Regular SS Clamps
                  2.5" --------------- HDWSSNB2501   was   $8.95      Sold Out
                  3"    --------------- HDWSSNB3001   was   $8.95      now $0.50 ea
                  3.5" --------------- HDWSSBB3501   was $10.95      Sold Out

     Stainless U-Bolt Clamps  (These are not the expensive shiney clamps but have a dull finish
                                                      while still being stainless.  We have a lot of these left.  You benefit.)
                  2.5" --------------- HDWSSU2501   was   $10.95     now $1.50 ea
                  3"    --------------- HDWSSU3001   was   $10.95     now $1.50 ea
                  3.5" --------------- HDWSSU3501   was   $10.95     Sold Out

     Zinc U-Bolt Clamps  (these are the same ones we use standard in our kits.  Zinc coated for
                                            long rust protection.)
                  2.5" --------------- HDWZ2501   was   $6.95     now $1.50 ea
                  3"    --------------- HDWZ3001   was   $6.95     now $1.50 ea
                  3"    --------------- HDWZ3011 was  $8.95     now $2.00 ea
                  3.5" --------------- HDWZ3501   was   $8.95     now $2.00 ea --- Gone!
                  4"   ---------------  HDWZ4001   was  $14.95    now $ 2.00

Torque Tech Performance Reducers
              (Long gentle reduction for less restriction, greater flow and less heat
                  buildup at the end of the header. -- sold as pairs or individually!   Includes
                  gaskets and nuts/bolts)
                  3.5" to 3"      RED35030k     ------------  Was $60/pr     Now only $40/pr  1 pair left
                  3.5" to 3"      REDX35030k  --same as above but shorter and less taper   Now $10/pr
                  3.5" to 2.5"  RED35025k     ------------  Was  $60/pr     Now only $30/pr
                  3" to 3"        RED30030k     ------------  Was  $60/pr     Gone
                  3" to 2.5"     RED30025k    -------------  Was  $60/pr    Now only $30/pr
                  2.5" to 2.5"  RED25025k    -------------  Was  $60/pr    Now only $20/pr

                  No-Weld Performance Reducers  (These are just like those above except the
                         flange has not been welded to the tubing.  This allows the installer to angle
                         slightly the tubing part so as to straighten up a header.)

                  3.5" to 3"      RED35030NWk     ------------  Was $60/pr     Now only $30/pr
                  3.5" to 2.5"  RED35025NWk     ------------  Was  $60/pr    Now only $30/pr
                  3" to 3"        RED30030NWk     ------------  Was  $60/pr
                                                                                         no flanges, just tubing    Now only $15/pr
                  3" to 2.5"     RED30025NWk    -------------  Was  $60/pr   
                                                                                         no flanges, just tubing    Now only $15/pr                
                  2.5" to 2.5"  RED25025NWk    -------------  Was  $60/pr   Now only $30/pr

                  Ball & Socket Reducers  (These are made to slip onto the end of headers that
                            have no flange.  They allow quick and easy hookup of the exhaust.  We have
                            6 or so sets of 3.5" to 3" and need to move 'em.)

                3.5" to 3"   Ball & Socket  REDB35030k  -----------------  was $95/pr   Now only $20.00/pr

Torque Tech Collector Flanges & Gaskets
                  Collector Flanges -- (Extra thick at 3/8".  Reduces warpage when welding
                             to Reducer or any other metal.  Best there is!)
                  2.5"  Collector Flange    FLAC25         Was $9.50 ea         Now only $1.00 ea.
                              (We have 62 of these.  Anyone taking all 62 will
                               get 'em at $0.60 ea.)
                  3.5"  Collector Flange    FLAC35          Was  $10.00 ea.   Now  only $4.00 ea

                  Collector Gaskets -- Performance Gaskets.  Resists Blow Out and Burning on
                                                        High Horse Engines.  Best there is!
                  2.5"  Collector Gaskets    GASC25         Was $5.50 ea         Now only $1.00 ea.
                  3"     Collector Gaskets    GASC30         Was $5.50 ea         Now only $1.00 ea   <--- Gone                     
                  3.5"  Collector Gaskets   GASC35          Was  $5.50 ea.       Now  only $1.00 ea

Miscellaneous Bends
       (tubing, extensions, turn downs, elbows, etc.)

      Straight Extensions                                                                      
                  These are available in various lengths

Miscellaneous Items & Elbows & Miscellaneous Bends


Wide SS Band Clamps.  Can be used on most any joint to both hold the joint together and seal.
1.25" wide Torca SS Clamp.
Narrower SS Band Clamps
     only $0.50 ea
No-Weld Collector Reducers
Ball & Socket Collector Reducers
Torque Tech Performance
Collector Gaskets
EXT 30    w/ 45 deg bend
10 deg Adapter 2.5" & 3"
           These Items are on This Page

  • Complete Systems Left  --  None Left
  • Headpipe Kits  (muffler forward to header) -- None Left
  • X-Pipe Kits  (muffler forward to header)
  • Stainless Clamps -- really great deals here
  • Torque Tech Performance Collector Reducers
  • Collector Flanges and Gaskets
  • Straight Extensions
  • Miscellaneous Bends
  • Elbows
  • Pipe Reducers
  • 4-Bolt Catalytic Converter Flanges
  • Muffler Offset Adapters
  • Muffler Turn Downs

These Items are on Gottago Page 2
  • Mufflers - Flowmaster
  • Mufflers - Magnaflow
  • Mufflers - Walker (Super Turbo & Race Magnum)
  • Muffler Turn Downs
  • Miscellaneous Pieces
  • Misc. Stuff, etc.


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Torque Tech 3/8" Thick
Collector Flanges
3.5" to 3" by 8" Long Gentle Taper

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4" Exhaust Clamps. Heavy Duty, Zinc coated.  Flat surface to minimize crimping of tubing.  Regular $14.97 ea.    
# HDWZ4001  Now $2 ea.

Muffler and Exhaust Pipe Sealer
MS100     Was  $5.95  --  Now $1.00
..... only 2 left
X-Pipe Kits:  We highly recommend Dr Gas.  They have X-Pipe Kits only, no Tailpipes
                   Contact at:  www.drgas.com
For Complete GM A-Body Systems, we highly recommend TA Performance. Contact:  www.taperformance.com (they do not have systems with X-pipes, but maybe you can get the tailpipes from them and the X-Pipe Kit from Dr Gas   www.drgas.com
Phone:    Our last phone has been deactivated.  To contact us, email us at torque@surfsouth.com