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         Performance Collector Reducers

The listed Collector Reducers are 14" long with a 5" long gentle taper. (Instead of the abupt reduction found in most reducers.)

These come with the Regular (Non-X) Systems.

Using these Hi-Flo reducers just about eliminates gasket burn out due to intense heat buildup with more restrictive reducers as is illustrated to the right.

All of our Performance Reducer Kits come with Gaskets & SS Nuts, Bolts, Washers:

RED35035  -- sold only as a No-Weld - see below
RED35030K   3.5" x 3"      -- 14" Long
RED35030K   3.5" x 3"      -- 14" Long
RED35025K   3.5" x 2.5"    -- 14" Long
RED30030K   3" x 3"          -- 14" Long
RED30025K   3" x 2.5"       -- 14" Long
RED25025K   2.5" x 2.5"     --------- All $60/pair  Now $36/pr
(to purchase just 1, leave the K off the part # and half the price.)

No-Weld Performance Coll. Reducers

The following are what we call No-Weld Reducers.  They are just like those above EXCEPT we have not welded the tubing part to the flange so you can do so at whatever angle needed to correct for a misaligned header.

RED35035NWK   3.5" x 3.5"  (these are 19" long)
RED35030NWK   3.5" x 3"     -- 14" Long   No Flanges -- $30/pair
RED35025NWK   3.5" x 2.5"  -- 14" Long    No Flanges -- $30/pair
RED30030NWK   3" x 3"       -- 14" Long
RED30025NWK   3" x 2.5"    -- 14" Long
RED25025NWK   2.5" x 2.5"   --------- All $60/pair  Now $36/pr
(to purchase just 1, leave the K off the part # and half the price.)

Ball & Socket Reducers

Slips over end of headers which have no flanges.  Can be welded to the header or clamped with a SS Band-Type Clamp.  Comes with Nuts, Bolts and 2-Bolt Mounting Flanges.

REDB35030K   3.5" x 3"    ---- Overstocked - Now only $55/pair
                                               How 'bout now $30/pair

Collector Reducers
No-Weld Coll. Reducers.  Notice the tubing part has been inserted into the flange at an angle.  Once the correct angle is determined, then weld bead around.  This strightens things up to line-up with the Headpipes going to the mufflers.
These Slip-On's are 3"x3".

Contact Info:

Phone: (229) 242-0691

Office Hours:
      Monday - Friday
        9 am to 5 pm
             Eastern Time

All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made materials

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Slip-On Collector Reducers

Slip-On Collector Reducers, slip onto the end of the Header and are either welded or clamped with a SS Band Clamp to the header.  Each kit comes with SS Band Clamps.

4"id x 3"od  --  5" Long                                 REDS40030K ---  $46.00   Now $23.00
3.5"id x 3.5"od  --  4.5" Long                         REDS35035K ---  $73.90   Now $35.00
3.5"id x 3"od   --  8" Long                              REDS35030K ----  $53.90   Now $26.00
3"id x 3" od  - 14" long                                  REDS30030K ----  $67.90   Now $18.00
3" id x 2.5" od  -- 5" long                               REDS30025K ----  $55.90   Now $25.00
2.5" x 2.5" - 14" long                                    REDS25025K ----  $53.90  Gone

Sale on Non-Performance Collector Reducers
These are regular Brand X type 3.5"x3" reducers (not what comes with our systems).  These are what typically come with competitors systems and Headers. 

We need to move 'em out, so if you have a project where Performance is not in the game plan and need some reducers, then check out the Clearance page.

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