Depending on which system you have, this is how to deal with it.

IF you have the more traditional Dual System with or without the Balance Tube/H-Pipe, then what we call No-Weld Collector Reducers will do the trick. --->

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3.5" x 3"   RED35030NW w/gasket
3.5' x 2.5" RED35025NW w/gasket
3" x 3"     RED30030NWK w/gasket
3" x 2.5"  RED30025NWK w/gasket

Or, if you have a system with the X-Pipe; then insert the Forward Extension (ext. from Junction to Header) into the Header Flange, tack weld, take off vehicle and run bead.  See photo to the right. ----->

Having Header Alignment Issues?

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Header Alignment Issues
No-Weld Coll. Reducers -  The flange is not welded to the tubing.  This way you can angle the tubing into the flange at the angle needed so the tubing part is straight back correcting the problem.  Just tack weld, take back off vehicle, run bead!.
See Photo below
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