GM F-Body
     "Super Systems"
to fit Header Applications
Super Systems -- Systems of a certain size with the Tailpipes being the next size smaller.  For example, a 3" system with 2.5" Tailpipes or a 3.5" system with 3" Tailpipes.

These Systems come with:
  • Traditional Balance Tube/H-Pipe
  • or, X-Pipe

Both Kits come with everything needed for installation; gaskets, clamps, gaskets, etc. - all except mufflers which are purchased separately.  Click here for mufflers

Kits with Balance Tube / H-Pipe:
These Kits come with Balance Tube/H-Pipe, Collector Reducers & Gaskets (3.5"x2.5", 3.5"x3", 3"x3" or 3"x 2.5"), Headpipes, Tailpipes and all clamps and hangers. 

(NOTE:  If you need "Slip-On" Collectors, they can be substituted; however sometimes, depending on header this can cause you to come up short lengthwise.  Please call to discuss.  ---------- If you need Ball & Socket Reducers, Call.)   Collector Reducers

Kits with X-Pipe:
These Kits come with the X-Pipe assembly instead of the Balance Tube / H-Pipe.  If you have 3.5" collectors, then you will have 3.5" tubing back to the X-Junction, then 3" tubing out the back of the Junction to the mufflers and tails.  However, IF you are ordering a 2.5" System, then it will be the same as described above, EXCEPT just before the muffler the system will reduce for 2.5" Muffs (or you can reduce after the Muffs IF you have room.

(NOTE:  If you have headers which require a 'Slip-On' type hookup; then you have to consider two alternatives:
  • Expand Forward Extension of X-Pipe Assembly to slip over header
  • Or, use Ball & Socket Setup

Choice of 3 Tailpipes:
  •   Behind the Wheel
  •   Out the Back
  •   Tailpipes for Splitter Tips

Behind the Wheel = BW
Out the Back = OB

Mufflers Separate:  Click Here for Muffs

Behind the Wheel Tails
1st & 2nd Generation (1st Gen does't have the brackets welded to the tailpipe.)
3" Passenger Side Tail on '78 Camaro
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3" "Out The Back" under bumper Tailpipes
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