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Stainless Clamp Upgrade

All the above kits utilize 8 Clamps for those who wish to do some
Clamp Upgrades to Stainless.  Click here for more info.

Balance Tube Upgrade

Typically each of the above kits comes with a Balance Tube.  It's basically a straight piece of tubing.  However, some might prefer to have a 2-Piece whick can be pulled apart if necessary, then we have Kit B.  Click here for more info.

Make-a-DownPipe Kits - MaD Kits

For applications not listed above, we have what we call Make-a-DownPipe Kits.  These kits enable one to make your own DownPipe utilizing mandrel bent elbows.  See Make-a-DownPipe Kits for further info.

Systems to Fit                  "Manifolds"
On F-Body Vehicles
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All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made

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Due to the high demand for 3" systems, we no longer carry 2.5" Tailpipes, thus no complete 2.5" Systems!

Please Note:

     We have discontinued all F-Body  
     Systems utilizing 2.5" Tailpipes.

     We appreciate your interest!