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GM F-Body Photos
2.5" Kit on this Camaro
Layout illustrating Kit B Balance Tube or H-Pipe. 
Layout illustrating the differnt parts of the X-Pipe Assembly.  Notice Header is at an angle.  In the photo below, we illustrate how this is handled easily with our design. 
Layout showing when the AFT extension is trimmed on the end 'going into' the rear of the X, it moves the long extension going into the muffler inward where it can be 'tucked' somewhat into the tunnel area for additional ground clearance.
This Junction is a 3" in x 2.5" out; 45 deg in and 35 deg out - obviously not 2 generic elbows welded together!  Also, we weld a square tab on top and bottom for added longterm structural strength.  Without this, 10 years from now you'd understand it's importance - it would probably crack. 
Typical Juntion made by competitors. 
2 welded elbows with no structural tabs.

Insert tube into flange at desired angle, tack weld, take off vehicle, run bead around, place back on vehicle.
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3" "Out The Back" 2nd Gen Tailpipes.  1st Gen would be the same.