Here you see Ellen get'n ready to go for a ride in our GS Stage 1.  Most of you will probably speak with her when you call.

Yes, we run our 3" System thru Walker Super Turbo 20" mufflers.

And, Yes -- we know what it means to need the best for an exhaust. 

Our Buildup:
Buick Stage 1, 462  TA Intake, M/T Headers, 1 7/8" primaries, 3.5" collectors.  Tricked Holley 730, Stinger Electronic Ignition.  Ported Heads by Scotty Guadagno.  11 to 1 Compression.

Rear end gears are 3.73 except when we run 1/8th mile where we use a 4:10.

By retarding the timing, we can cruise on 92 Octane.  At the track we use 100 octane.  No Nitrous.  The cam is a Lunati Grind that we used to sell which we designated as SP 4.  Strong torque-wise from 3800 to 6000 rpm and will pull 10" vacuum at 800 rpm idle.  We use a 10" ATI 3500 stall torque converter which is very streetable, yet awesome at the track.  This is a combination used since 1992.  Vehicle is full weight.

Best ET so far is 11:40 @ 117 in the 1/4 and 7:30 @ 92.7 in the 1/8th.  We always drive to the track and have actually driven several times to Bowling Green, KY to race. 

Welcome to Torque Tech!

This is why you need a Torque Tech System:
  • Quality & Service Oriented
  • Design Our Systems on Vehicles
  • System design allows for typical "go fast" modifications.
  • Use US grade materials only.
  • Stand WITH, not behind our products!
  • Best Long Term Value!

You will find by visiting our Testimonial page that we are Quality and Service oriented.  In addition to this, we are Muscle Car Enthusiasts just like you, so Performance and Going Fast are naturally important too.

When designing our systems, we do so on vehicles just like the ones you and I have.  We take into account the typical modifications we might make such as wide tires, suspension modifications, mufflers being used and of course allowing for flexibility as much as possible for Header Misalignment. 

We encourage you to call and discuss your needs so you can make an intelligent decision for your ride.  We feel there is no such thing as a dumb question, ................. unless it's not asked.

We know we have the best for the price. 

Yes, you will find cheaper systems, but there is a good reason; they will be made in China!

And, because of that, they won't last as long!

We ask that you call to order as that enables us to be sure you order what you need. 

The photo at the top of this page is of myself and my good friend Lee Barrett.  This was photo was shot by Lee's brother while the local Valdosta Times newspaper was doing a photo shoot.  They actually did a full page spread about us in the Sunday Edition!

I'm on the right in my first GS.  The drive train and engine is in my current Red GS Stage 1.  This scene is actually a street basically in town, but somewhat secluded.  It is now all grown up with apartments, etc. 

Yes!  Having a Muscle Car can be fun!
Going Fast is Our Business!
Contact Info:

             Eastern Time

All tubing is:
  • 16 ga US grade Aluminized Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • 'aluminized' throughout the metal, not just a surface coating
  • Long Term Value with US made materials

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Performance, Fit,  Quality & Service -- All part of our products!
We believe and have faith in our Lord, Jesus!

He is real and alive in our personal lives.  How 'bout you? 

Two of My Favorite Scriptures:  John 15:7
                                            James 5:13-16
Look them up here:  Bible Gateway
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USA Made - Just to clarify.  Our emphasis is on quality of both material and craftmanship.  Occassionally some tubing comes from Canada.  Likewise some hardware.  You can rest assured that which does come from Canada comes from ISO Certified manufacturers being shipped to our manufacturers who are ISO Certified also.  It is this ISO Certification that insures quality in materials.  This way we can be assured of quality materials going into our products - it protects you and us!
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Closing Out Sale!                    If we have it in stock, then we have it!                              We're retiring!
For Non-Systems Items:                                             Going Fast is Our Business.            
Closing Out -- Get 'em while you can!
When these are gone at these prices, that will be it. 
We have no systems for Manifold Applications left.
Everything left is for Header Applications.
          What we have left: — No Complete Systems

GMA Body:  All A-Body is gone!

GMF Body:  3” 2nd Gen only.  Systems with X-pipe kits only.

GMG Body:  2.5” Systems with Monte Style Tails with X-
                         Pipes or H-Pipes.
                   3” Systems with Behind Wheel Tails with X-
                         Pipes only. 

We have extra 3” to 2.5” X-Pipe Kits that we can sell with out tailpipes.

We have some awesome prices on some Flowmasters that we are very so much OVERSTOCKED.  Click here.

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Please Note:   If you have a GM A-Body vehicle and are wanting a 2.5" or 3" complete system, then contact
                           TA Performance or go to  (they do not have X-Pipe systems)

                      For any vehicle:  If you are wanting an X-Pipe Kit (from header to muffler) go to 
                                               They have well built and good flowing units much like ours.

Note:  We still have some 3" to 2.5" X-Pipe Kits (header to mufflers)

Phone:    Our last phone has been deactivated.  To contact us, email us at